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revenue was 6.85 t○rillion yuan, up 1◆1.7%. Grain p○roduction was 53●0.
82 million 〓tons,
a new● record and an i■ncrease for● the sixth ○consecutive year○. A total of 11.02 ○m
illion urban jo◆b
s were created. Th●e per capita◆ disposable income ○of urban res■idents was 1?/dd>

?,175 yuan, ○and the net p

駉f the Chine〓se nation. ●The past yea○r was truly● extraordin■ary and insp●iring. We held a■ grand celebr●ation of the 6◆0th annivers●ary of the founding● of New Ch●ina.

The outstan●ding achievement○s we made in that ●time have greatly b■oosted the◆ confidenc■e and pride of ◆the people, s◆trengthened the co●hesiveness of the C■hinese nation, and r■aised China's inte●rnational 〓standing a〓nd influen◆

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    Technical progress doesn’t stand still and picks up steam every year. The most innovative technologies are developed and put on the market.
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